Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love was in the Air!

Last evening the calls to see if Papa and I were home began to come in.
Before we knew it we were surrounded by grandchildren who
showered us with hugs, hand made gifts, a heart shaped balloon,
 a plate of fresh baked cookies, and heartfelt Valentine's in all sizes!

Love was in the air. It was an evening that gave
this grandma's heart a great big squeeze!

On a funny note:

One grandson gave Papa a bag of Cracker Jacks 
as a Valentine's gift that he had gotten at his school
 Valentine's party earlier in the day.

Papa: "Are you sure you want to give this to me?"
Grandson: "Yah, I don't like them?"
Papa: Did you know that there is a prize inside?
Grandson: "There is???!!!!"
(mixed expression of surprise and regret)
Papa: "Yep, let's open it now so that you can have the prize."
Grandson: " Okay!"

The prize was a pencil topper
and a fun fact.

Did you know that a typical pencil can write 45,000
words or draw a line 35 miles long?

That is a very fun fact indeed!


  1. Your grandson reminds me of Amara. Whenever she doesn't like something, especially if it is edible, she will "give" it to Grampy. How wise and how sweet of your husband to open it and relieve the poor child!

    You are lucky to have all of them and have them all love and appreciate you so much -- as you do each of them!

  2. Nothing better than gifts from the grandkids...sweet, handmade, heartfelt.