Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What? Wait. Rewind that.

So I'm listening to the radio in my car. I don't quite catch something that is said and my brain says What? Wait. Rewind that. Uhgggg! There is no DVR on the car radio! Have you ever done that? Can someone please, please, please invent such a thing?

It's true I love the invention of DVR. I like that I can set it to record my grands favorite cable programs when I know they are coming for an extended stay. I love that I can record my favorite directtv shows when there is more important things to be doing. I especially love being able to fast forward through commercials. I also love the convenience of being able to pause, go get my bowl of Healthy Pop popcorn, and resume. I love re-watching something that hits my funny bone over and over. I am a fan of Phillip Phillips this year on American Idol so being able to re-watch his performances is great too!

While I never sat around with my family and listened to the radio before the days of television I did live during the days of very few local channels, black and white television, and huge rabbit ears on the top of our TV. BTW I used to love American Bandstand in black and white (I miss you Dick Clark!)

It is amazing how quickly we get used to and spoiled by the new norm. What is really weird is that today's norm which is our amazing stuff ( direct tv ) will be what rabbit ears and black and white TV's are to us for our grandchildren when they are our age. I can't even imagine what they will be able to see in their lifetime.

Kudos to all of the brilliant minds that keep us entertained, connected, and informed with all of today's changing gadgets and technology.  But, can one of those brilliant minds please get working on DVR  for the car radio?

What is your favorite gadget for being entertained, connected, or informed?

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