Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grandma Camp 2012 Craft Ideas.

Grandma Camp 2012 Starts Here.

After our gathering activities it was already snack time.

The following activities have been kid tested and grandma approved!

Next up was a painting project to create a sack lunch
for the picnic dinner at the park that I had planned.

We used bubble wrap as our "stamp" to decorate the bags.
 I drew a big bubble letter (the first letter of their name.)
on the smooth side of the wrap with a Sharpie.

Other supplies needed:
Cotton swabs
 (Mine had long handles with cotton on just one end.)
Lunch sacks or paper.
(Next time I would use white paper sacks.)

Dab on the colors of paint of your choice to on the bubble
wrap bubbles filling in the border and the inside of your 
letter or object as you choose.

Once all of the paint is dabbed on (and before it dries)
transfer the design to the paper sack by laying the
bubble wrap paint side down on the sack.

Gently press entire back side.

The campers really enjoyed this simple craft.

They seem to love anything with paint!

Next we created cushions for Camp Stool Totes.

I always have some kind of tote for the kids to gather their
camp projects in. 

This year it was a 5 gallon bucket that we turned into
a personalized camp stool and camp souvenir. 

I made the camp labels ahead of time and laminated them.
Our craft was to create the stools cushion.
 It was tracing and cutting the needed sizes of circles of:

Cardboard, batting, and vinyl.

Cut cardboard and batting to desired size of finished cushion.
Cut the vinyl fabric (I just a vinyl tablecloth) 5" larger.

While Papa started the next project with the kids...

I hot glued the cushions to cover the cardboard and
batting with the vinyl. It needs to be smooth and tight on the top but 
it doesn't have to be beautiful on the bottom. Nobody will see it.

Hot glue the cushion (ugly side down) to the bucket lid.

Don't forget to write their names on the inside of the lids!

Heaven forbid, someone gets someone else's exact same lid!!!

I hot glued the laminated pieces to the buckets.

The buckets clearly stated who's was who's!

There it is our official
Grandkid's Campout Tote / Stool!

The kids found many uses for them.

Breakfast table stools.

And, step stools to get a better look
at the Javelina that came by for a visit!

That was a first for grandma camp!

More to come.


  1. Oh my, such fun ideas!! I love the bucket idea, its fantastic! Pinning now! :)

  2. The art looks like fun, but the bucket stools are ingenious!

  3. Love the bucket stools and love the bubble-wrap as paint relief. These ideas are so clever!

    I just found a description of bubble-wrap hopskotch that your grandkids might also enjoy. My grandson couldn't stop laughing when he played it. Just cut out squares of bubble wrap, number each one and lay them out in a hopscotch pattern and let the kids jump on the numbers, in order. The bubble-wrap popping when they land is hilarious.

  4. ahh an excellent idea for my kitty litter buckets! thank you :)