Thursday, June 7, 2012

Travel Tour From Home

One of my favorite memories as a grandma is the time I  cared for my grandsons while their parents enjoyed an extended business/pleasure vacation to Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand Tours. Oh how I wished I had pictures to share of this special memory. I had done my homework ahead of time using mommy and daddy's travel itinerary to learn all I could about the places they would be visiting. I checked out kid friendly books from the library on the animals, foods, cultures, and the maps of the areas that they would be visiting to use as teaching and activity resources.

I posted a world map on the front of the fridge door with my house drawn on the map as the starting and returning point. I had made small planes, trains, taxi's, and bus magnets. I also had pieces of yarn to mark their route. Each day mommy and daddy were gone we would find it on the map and learn about the place they were visiting that day. We read books, looked at pictures, made cultural crafts, and even tried out foods that were popular in the area.

The boys really got into our travel tour from home. I did not know how much the little sponges had absorbed during our special daily activities until their mommy and daddy returned from their trip. When their parents shared the things they did the boys were able to participate in the conversation and they had a good understanding of what their parents were sharing with them.

Who knows.... maybe one day my grandsons and I will visit those places together!

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