Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Milestone: First Grand to Summer Camp

How can it be?
One of my grands is old enough for summer camp!

With at least ten summer campers to follow I know I had better think 
about the traditions I begin.....      BUT I just can't help myself!

I had a secret messenger at camp deliver one
small gift each day at camp so that my very loved
camper knew that I was thinking about her!

Everything yellow bagged up with a 
You are My Sunshine tag.
A song that she still remembers me singing to her everyday as a toddler.

A pack of gum and a reminder
of just how extra special she is!

A scrapbook paper I knew she would love
with a notepad and a pencil for
writing notes to her camp friends.

A braided headband with beads and feathers
to wear at camp.

The camp theme was Warriors of Light.

I also sent up the supplies with her camp leaders so that
 all of the girls in her tribe could make matching headbands.

Yea, camp unity!

I was also lucky enough to be her secret sister.

More to come on that!


  1. That is so delightful and sweet! Not only was your beloved granddaughter reminded of your love every day, but it was done in such a clever "word play" way! Very thoughtful and an idea every grandma would be wise to copy. When the time comes, I sure will!

  2. Love the little bags, accidentally stumbled upon your blog, I'm glad I did, I'm finding lots of ideas and inspiration. =)

  3. I know your granddaughter loved the gifts, and they were creative and beautiful, as everything that you do seems to be. I did read in USA Today, however, that some summer camps have had to ban deliveries because of overly generous parents and grandparents.

  4. What a sweet idea, especially to send along supplies so all the campers could make their own headbands! I've just finished reading a book, Memory Lake: The Forever Friendships of Summer, that is a memoir/novel of one woman's memories about camp, told as she drives her daughter to camp. It would be a great read while your grand is away at camp, especially at the end where she talks about the life-long value of having gone to camp. ( to order it from amazon).

  5. I was just reminiscing with my daughter about her memories of Gramzy’s camp letters and the few dollars tucked inside, or the stick of gum (somewhat forbidden!), or stickers for cabin unity. She said they brightened her stay and gave her a little boost of love and support. Gramzy has since passed away, but such memories continue to be treasured by us. Many aspects of camp were so significant to me; I had to write an entire novel about the subject! Thanks, Carol Covin, (Granny Guru), for mentioning “Memory Lake: The Forever Friendships of Summer.” Nancy S. Kyme