Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To School Traditions

My daughter recently hosted a really fun Back-to-School dinner party for her three very lucky boys. Lucky for Papa and I, we were invited to attend at the boys request! The boys were super excited about the party and they had spent the afternoon decorating their entire front walk with  "Welcome Grandma and Papa!" for our arrival. The boys met us at the front of the walk.

Once inside we were all surprised to see the special touches their mom had made to turn an ordinary family dinner into a celebration of back-to-school learning!

So cute!

1st day of Kindergarten photos hung above the table.
The boys are now in 1st, 4th, and 6th grades.

There were personalized place settings for everyone.

We all had a to do list. 

Mommy had the longest list by far. 

The boys lists were all the things that help to make students successful.

Papa and I are more than happy to do our lists!
Their bus stop is at the end of our front walk.
Lucky again!

Scattered school supplies made a perfect centerpiece.
(Notice the jar of unsharpened pencils)

The place settings were so cute!

The dinner was delicious. The boys had chosen made from
scratch spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and salad.


After dinner the boys were asked to think of one back to school goal.
As they each shared their goal their mom treated them to a
back to school gift!

Once they had all opened their gifts their mom pulled out one more surprise.
It was another gift for the boys to share. The boys opened it together.
 It was an electric pencil sharpener. 
You had better believe that those unsharpened
pencils on the table were all super sharp in no time at all!

I got to bring the dessert.

Chocolate Long Johns. 

The boys favorite!

Seeing my adult children create
special traditions for their children
makes my heart feel really good!

Photos courtesy of my daughter.
Thank you.
Can you believe I forgot to take my own camera???

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