Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disposable Window Shades for Crafting

I save all kinds of stuff that just might be a useful crafting
supply for me and my grands. I had several short ends that
I had cut from the lightweight disposable window shades that you
can purchase from the home improvement stores.

When I had my grandsons just before Father's Day and they
wanted to do a craft project I finally came up with a fun use
for those shady pieces of scraps!

The boys each wrote long messages to their dads 
by writing one letter per pleat with blanks between the words.

Once they were done we hot glued the two ends
to some hand cut outs.

We tied them up with a bow.

And, their daddy was treated to three
very long and very loving handmade
Father' Day messages!

The outside pieces could be any design for any occasion.

Watch yard sales and the thrift stores for
used disposable blinds. You can score a ton
of your own durable accordion crafting supplies for next to nothing.

You can cut them to the length and width of your choice.

Just think of the possibilities! 


  1. Adorable! You could also fold paper into an accordion shape, if you don't want to go on a hunt for window shades, but I do love how you find a grand crafting use for every remnant around.

  2. How delightful. Would also make a great craft for cousins to make and send to far-away cousins. Love it1

  3. Great idea, so far I have only created cards with my 21/2 year old gradchild with sticking stars and fuzzy stuff, but this is another idea Great