Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks 2013

Today I am thankful for my family and for these six
healthy, happy, and active grandsons!

Thankful that the boys were able to fill their tummies
from our bountiful Thanksgiving buffet.

Out of all of the selections the only thing that made it on every
child's plate was my homemade dinner rolls.

One child feasted only on dinner rolls and plain jello. Another just turkey and a roll.
While others a big pile of mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls.

Thankful for a son who can make the best buttery and creamy mashed potatoes!

Thankful for a husband who is the best helper in the kitchen.
He baked the pumpkin pies this year, kept the pots and pans washed up, watched the rolls bake,
helped set the tables, and countless other things both little and big where he 
can see the need and always pitches in to get the job done.

Thankful for a son in law who is able and very willing to follow
through on Thanksgiving assignments and in the care for his three boys while 
my daughter spent her morning at urgent care and in 
bed the rest of the day with strep throat.

Thankful for my daughter who recently made us empty nesters 
(except we're not really empty nesters since we share our home
with my mother in law who has Alzheimer's.)
who spent Thanksgiving in another state. She texted her dad and told 
him that I needed to plan on her coming back home to help in 
decking our halls for Christmas.

Thankful for a daughter in law who loves family gatherings,
our family traditions, and who makes our family time a priority.

We made a plan on Thanksgiving to share in a leftovers feast on
Sunday. Two of my daughters who missed our
Thanksgiving feast are very happy about that and
will be here for our do-overs.
So very thankful for that too!

Thankful for Kabella, she was the only girl in the
bunch that could wear the Pilgrim Bonnet in our photo shoot.

So thankful for the fun and love that is shared in our family.
I missed those who were not with us but I am so thankful for
the gift of memories of the mind and heart.

Note to self: Must make fresh rolls for the do-over. You know why!


  1. This is what Thanksgiving is all about! I loved reading this and seeing the pictures with your cute idea of the props! Your "kid's table" had your signature all over it too! I'm sure they enjoyed working puzzles while they ate their rolls and jello (!) :) too cute!
    It does become a real task, some years, to get everybody to the same table when in-laws and jobs (especially in the medical field) become a factor.

  2. You DO have much to be thankful for! I love all the help from your husband and son-in-law. It works that way in our family, too, but it definitely wasn't that way when I was growing up. Oh, and the hats are great!

  3. Thank you for the reminder of all we have to be thankful for. We now celebrate on Fridays so far-away son and family can make it. Two sons each have two Thanksgivings - on the day and Friday at our house, but have told us they can't have too much turkey!

  4. I'm so slow at getting around to read other grandma blogs . . . I absolutely love the props in these pictures! Fun!