Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bird Feeder Craft

As usual, something others would throw in the trash turned into a craft project for my grandchildren and I. We had dozens and dozens of these cone shaped cardboard pieces that were packing materials during home construction. They were very sturdy and had a very textured surface. In my head, as the clean up girl on the construction site, I'm thinking what could I use these for? They inspired the craft of creating a bird feeder.

This is how we did it:

I drilled one small hole in the top of each cardboard shape. I gave each child a paper plate and a plastic knife to work with. We first coated the entire outside surface with peanut butter. The children then heavily sprinkled the entire outside with birdseed. They gently patted the see into the heavy coating of peanut butter. After allowing them to set up a bit we threaded a long piece of twine through the pre-drilled hole. We tied a washer on the under side to secure the twine for hanging.

The children took their projects home and hung them in their trees. The kids were thrilled to see the birds snacking on their creations.

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