Monday, November 3, 2008

Preparations Begin for Holiday Fun

The picture above is from last year's Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp. The Day Camp is an all day event just for the grandkids. All of my guests will have grown another year and three more younger guests will be added this year.

The event has two purposes. The first is to give my adult children a full day to do what ever they would like to do. Whether it is Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, or just a day to relax. The second purpose is to kick off the holiday season spending some quality time with my grandchildren, and they with one another as siblings and as cousins.

The event is 12 hours long, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m. with the kids showered and in their pajamas ready for pick up and to be tucked into bed at home.

The day is very structured with a written schedule that includes many craft projects, Christmas activities such as games, music, cooking, and a lesson and role play on the true meaning of Christmas.

My preparations will include making up samples of all of the craft projects and putting a kit together for each child for each craft. I will also start collecting the supplies needed for the rest of the days activities, meals, and snacks.

I am very out numbered at this event and being well prepared, organized, and well rested are all necessary for the event to go smoothly. So, I am starting my preparations now so that I will be ready for some holiday fun with the grandkids!

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