Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas Star Fridge Magnet

Kids just love glitter and they also love to display their artwork. This Christmas Star fridge magnet is both useful and perfect holiday decor for the fridge. The children first painted the entire surface of a wooden craft star with glue. I had small bowls of glitter and spoons. The children worked over the bowls so that the extra glitter would be caught in the bowl. They covered the entire surface with the sparkling glitter. We set the stars aside and allowed them to dry. (Older children could do more of a design on the star allowing glue and glitter to dry between colors.)

I gave each child a strip of self sticking magnet tape. (make it long enough to cover the entire length of clothes pin) Each child attached the tape to the back of the clothes pin. I finished up the project for the children when the stars had dried using hot glue to attach the star to the clothes pin for a sturdy hold. We followed up the project by coloring a nativity scene that they could proudly display using their new holiday decoration for the fridge!

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  1. Please don't stop blogging. We "Grandmas'" need more representation on the web. Love your site, look forward to it growing.