Friday, November 7, 2008

Tin Can Santa Craft

As you can see many of my crafts are Christmas items. This is because I do a twelve hour Christmas day camp every year for my grandkids. It takes lots of crafts to fill our day each year! I always try to do a Santa craft.

Ho...Ho...Ho...This jolly, full bearded, Santa is made from a vegetable can. We first covered the cans in white paper that I had pre-cut to fit ahead of time. The paper is overlapped in the back and secured with a glue stick or a piece of clear tape. Red and black construction paper was used to create the eyes (paper punched), a nose, and a mouth. Using a glue stick glue his eyes, nose, and mouth in place. Make sure to leave space between the nose and mouth for his mustache and space at the top for Santa's hat to come just over the top edge of the can.

Wrap and glue a piece of red construction paper around the top of the can to create the hat so that it is overlapping is in the back. Scrunch up the top of the hat to create a point and staple to hold. You may also need to add some glue to the overlapping areas to help the hat hold it's shape.

Now the real fun begins. Give each child a small plate with a nice size dab of craft glue on it and a handful of cotton balls. Cover the bottom of the hat with a row of cotton balls all the way around by dipping the cotton balls in the glue and placing them on the can. Bring the cotton balls down covering the sides of his face and his chin to create Santa's very full beard. Use a cotton ball cut in half between the nose and the mouth and kind of stretch it out to create the mustache shape.

The finishing touch is a cotton ball on the top of Santa'a hat to cover the staple.

If you would like to make this craft, eat your vegetables....and save the cans!

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