Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Star Christmas Cupcakes 2008

Decorating star cupcakes is a tradition at our Grandkid's Day Camp. This year I supplied each child with two pre-baked chocolate cupcakes, a small dish of bright yellow icing and a baggie filled with marshmallows in the shapes of green Christmas trees, and pink stars. I also gave them red and green M&M's.

I had made up some sample cupcakes for them to see. They each showed their own creativity in the fun and colorful designs they created. Each child had a paper towel on the kitchen counter with their name on it. When they were done decorating their cupcakes they placed them on their paper towel.

They eat one of their cupcakes after dinner and the other is saved to take home.


  1. I love these.. how do you make them? probably a silly question.. but did you pinch the sides of the paper case or do you buy them star shape? I dont think I have seen anything like these in Australia.. I want to make them with my girls

  2. Not a silly question at all if you have never seen them. They are a foil star shaped cupcake tin. They come in a package of 24. You don't need to use cupcake pans. Just set the star tins on a cookie sheet and fill with your cake batter and bake!

    In the USA they are made by Reynolds, the same maker as Reynolds aluminum foil. If they don't market them in Australia perhaps you could find them on the internet.