Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Star on a Stick Craft Project

I knew this project would be a favorite. In years past we have had just one star on a stick which is part of our hands on nativity. The kids all loved the star so this year each child made their very own.

The little guy above is being helped by his great grandma who spent the day with us too.

I cut the stars out of cardboard ahead of time. The sticks were heavy gift wrap rolls that I had saved from last Christmas. Before starting the project we spread newspaper over the table and had the children roll their sleeves up. We gave each child a sponge brush and their own little pot of paint. We first painted the edges then just one side of the star.

It took about three coats of paint to get good coverage. We allowed the stars to dry. I attached the stars to the sticks using hot glue. Shiny ribbon was added for some extra sparkle.

Tip: When doing messy or sticky projects keep a tub of baby wipes nearby for spills and sticky little hands.

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