Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Things That Warm the Heart

My oldest granddaughter is eight years old. I am always so amazed at her ability and willingness to see what needs to be done and to follow through until the task is completed.  She is a big help to her family. I noticed her unpacking and setting up the bedroom for her and her sisters when we arrived. All weekend she was keeping things tidy, helping with the baby, entertaining her younger sisters, helping in the kitchen and at mealtimes, and packing up herself and her sisters when it was time to go.

On this night It was my turn to prepare dinner while on our snow outing. I was in the midst of cooking dinner when they all returned from a few hours of outdoor play. When she came in from sledding she quickly changed her clothes and pitched right in without being asked and set the dinner table. When I turned around and saw what she had done it truly warmed my heart. Not only was she being helpful but the little extra flair that she added with the napkins was a little thing to do but it touched my heart in a huge way.  This little thing was a symbol to me of the importance of my example to the little eyes and ears that watch and hear, then follow.

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