Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Papa Time

My youngest grandson was thrilled to have some one on one time with his Papa at the cabin in Greer, Arizona. He too had his turn outdoors all bundled up in his snow clothes and boots. If the little guy wasn't out with the family in the snow he spent much of his time at the low french door windows of the warm and toasty cabin taking it all in from indoors and doing his best to get out any open door.

The girls were anxious to build a snowman with their Papa. One of the girls hollered up to me to please bring them a carrot for the nose and some raisins for the eyes!  I thought the request was adorable. I sent down a carrot and two Oreo cookies for the eyes. They loaned the snowman one of their hats and scarf to complete their project.

What a lucky Papa to have created and shared in these special moments of Papa Time.

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  1. Ooooo... I'm so jealous, my kids don't even know what snow looks like! How fun!