Monday, January 5, 2009

A Perfect Snow Outing 2009

I just returned from a three day snow outing to Greer, Arizona with four of my grandchildren and their parents. My son in law treated us all to a very nice stay in two luxury cabins with very beautiful natural surroundings of snow topped roofs, trees,  and mountains.

We enjoyed hours of sledding, playing in the snow, sitting by the fireplace to warm up,  hot hearty meals, cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows, nighttime dips in the outdoor hot tub, and many hours of precious time spent with my grandchildren.  

It was so much fun to share their first time ever to the snow with them. We all had a wonderful time and we did not want it to end. Each night at bedtime I spent some time with the girls in their bedroom until they fell asleep while their mommy and daddy got their baby brother to sleep.

Wonderful memories were made as we snuggled and talked about our day together and our plans for the next day. It was indeed a perfect snow outing, and a very treasured memory was created for this grandma! 

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  1. Hi Shelley! I love all the posts you do on here. The snow is beautiful! Especially the first picture looks so beautiful.