Saturday, January 10, 2009

Planning Ahead for Grandkids Christmas Day Camp 2009

I have been checking out many of the after Christmas sales for anything that inspires a craft, a project, or an activity for next years all day Grandkids Christmas Day Camp. I have come across some great things at some really fair prices. When I find great buys that inspire a craft I have to be able to get ten of whatever so that each child gets one and I have one to make up the sample project ahead of time.

I am really excited about some of my finds knowing the excitement they will generate among my little day camp guests next year. I can't post my finds because I have grandchildren that read my blog and the Christmas day camp projects are always kept as a big surprise for them.

I have started filling in the slots in next years schedule so that I can keep a watchful eye out for items needed to complete the projects throughout the year. When I pick up the needed items throughout the year they go into my Christmas Day Camp Trunk and become Grandma Treasures to be kept safe until I pull them out to create more cherished Christmas memories with my grandchildren!

Each year it gets a bit easier to fill the twelve hour  schedule when I discover activities that really work well. Those things become Christmas Day Camp Traditions that will stay on the schedule for as long as the kids continue to enjoy them. This year we added the Christmas Candy Walk which will be a keeper on next years schedule.  The Candy Walk is an outdoor activity because Arizona weather allows that in December. It is the same concept as a cake walk. I have a past posting on the details of the Candy Walk if you are interested in how it works. My star cupcake activity will also be tweaked next year since I found some adorable Christmas cupcake designs that I know the kids will love creating!

As you can see this Christmas tradition that I have with my grandchildren is something I love to do as a grandma. I find joy in the preparations for the next one all year long!

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