Monday, February 2, 2009

Blueberries "A New Favorite Thing"

A few months ago I added blueberries to my diet. I eat at least one half cup a day. I love them on a bowl of cold whole grain cereal or mixed into a bowl of hot whole grain cereal. Both ways are absolutely delicious and I know I am doing something really good for my body and brain! 

I decided to add them to my diet after my mother was diagnosed with dementia. In my reading on dementia I learned that they are a super food for the brain and that they have even been shown to repair brain damage. So, I added them to my diet as a preventive measure since the threat of dementia is now in my genes. Who knew I would fall in love with them!

I buy them frozen from Costco. They are a great deal compared to fresh in my local grocery stores (5 pound bag for just over $10). On my cold cereal I pour them on frozen. They thaw quickly and they make the milk very cold and oh so yummy. When I add them to my hot cereal I warm them up first in the microwave so that my cereal stays nice and hot. 

Do you have any other healthy ways to add blueberries to your diet?

Blueberries are in fact "a new favorite thing!"


  1. Is there a way to make healthy blueberry muffins? That taste good? Splenda? I love blueberry muffins. I eat a handful of almonds every day. I had my blood pressure taken last week at the doctors office, I have never had high blood pressure but my blood pressure was excellent. I am wondering if the almonds have any thing to do with that. I need to start eating blueberrys too. Me and Lee's future isn't looking too good as far as alzheimers. His dad has it bad. He found the keys to their car last month and took off. When his mom realized he was gone they called the Wyoming police. They found him in Utah 130 miles away! The policeman asked him where he was headed, he said he was going to see Lee. That was so scarey. It could have turned out so different. The keys are now at Sandys house.

  2. I am no longer afraid of getting Alzheimers...but I would like to prolong it as long as I can! Running in both sides of my family now, I am even at a greater risk of developing it. Glen eat's the triple berries all the time from Costco, maybe I should join him...I've always eaten a hand full of almonds. Even if the doctors tell you to lose weight so your sugars can go down or your blood pressure will go down, etc., it still hasn't helped me! A lot of things are hereditary...I always say I'm just the runt of the litter and that's why I have everything!

    You guys see what we have to look forward to...but look at your mom and look at my dad...if we turn out like them...that's okay!

    Carol Ann

  3. The straight blueberries are a much better value for some reason than the triple berries at Costco. The bag is huge so I keep a quart size ziploc in my freezer that makes pouring them out easier. I refill the quart size bag as needed.

    All we can do is try to do those things that will give us more years of a healthy brain.

    It made me chuckle to see that you posted "Anonymous" then signed your name. Maybe you should go get yourself a bowl of berries!

  4. Carol said you have to go anonymous if you dont have a blog. Carol you can have a Google account without having a blog, right? and sign in so you are not anonymous This whole world of blogging can be confusing at times. I remember back when Drew started our family blog, I emailed him and said what does blog mean. That was the first time I had ever heard that word. Oh well back to health, lets all just keep blogging so our brains stay alive and well! And eat blueberries while we are blogging. By the way Safeway has them on sale this week. I took my perscription to Safeway today with a voucher from their ad and got a $30.00 gift card, that was fun!