Thursday, February 5, 2009

Collecting Ideas for My Next Grandkids Camp Out

To keep a favorite tradition going I am in the creative stage of planning my next grandkids camp out. It usually happens in April before it gets too hot to sleep outdoors. I have been on the look out for fun activities and a new camping or outdoor skill of some sort to  teach as part of our time together.

We have a few things that we keep each year as part of the tradition. Those include a night hike, roasting s'mores (over our gas bbq), helping Papa put up the tent, creating personal hand washing stations,  and making their own foil dinners that we cook in the indoor oven. 

I would like to add dutch oven cooking but that would require a very watchful eye to keep all of my little campers safe from the hot coals. Perhaps, my new camping skill could be fire safety & dutch oven cooking.  I'm just wondering if I'm brave enough to give that a try.

The camp out starts in the early afternoon on a Friday once all of the kids are home from school. The kids then go home late the following morning usually for a much needed nap. Please share your ideas on any craft, activity, or cooking idea that would work for a camp out.  I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Now you've got me all pumped up for spring! I'm a pretty good winter person (I guess I should be, living in New England!)... but thoughts of camping are now dancing through my head! I love your ideas... and I'm going to be thinking of some of the things we used to do with our kids when they were young. There's nothing like a camp-out in the back yard for fun, safety and NO SLEEP... especially with the grandkids!

    I love your site!