Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Made From Scratch Pasta Dish

What shall I call my creation?  "Garlic Bow Tie Chicken Alfredo" How does that sound?
I have to say it turned out delicious and it could easily rival any dish at the Olive Garden!

My entire life as a homemaker I have shopped the grocery ads weekly and then I plan meals around what I have on hand. This practice has always served us well and we have eaten very well over the years on a modest grocery budget. This night was no exception. I wanted to find another way to fix chicken. So, looking through my pantry and in my produce drawers I came up with this combination and it really worked well. Three of us ate at home and we had leftovers the next. That was six meals  for probably under five or six dollars. ( a $90 dollar value at Olive Garden.)

Because it was my first time and from scratch I don't have an exact recipe to share. I can only tell you my process and ingredients. I cooked my 1 pound box of bow tie pasta as directed. I cut up zuchinni, red pepper, carrots, spinach and three boneless skinless chicken breasts. I sauteed the vegetables (except spinach) in a small amount of olive oil just until tender crisp. I then added the chicken strips, stirring and turning for a quick cook. I then added the spinach and cooked until just a bit wilted. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Sauce: One stick butter, minced garlic, flour, and four cups milk to make a garlic white sauce. Once thickened season with a tablespoon of chicken bouillon, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and lots of parmesan cheese (I used canned).

The first night I put the drained hot pasta on the plate, topped with the chicken vegetable mix, then topped with the sauce and sprinkled it with more parmesan cheese. It was a beautiful presentation!

For leftovers the next night, I combined it all together in a skillet and heated it through. It was just as good but not quite as pretty. 

The photo is of the leftovers the second night. I didn't know yet on the first night that it was photo and blog worthy until we had all cleaned our plates!

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