Thursday, March 5, 2009

Distraction Worked!

This little guy has been having a surprising new problem with separation anxiety. He used to beg to come to my house, loved his nursery class, and he would leave his mommies side with a great big happy "Bye Mommy!"

Now when he comes I have to peel him off off his mommy and he is very sad during the separation from his mommy portion of the stay. On this particular day I was ready with a distraction that worked well. Kid safe scissors, glue sticks, and colorful paper did the trick. The tears and anxiety stopped within seconds.

Another surprise .... when mommy returned he wasn't ready to go and it took a bit of pleading with him to get them on their way.  Since then, the anxiety continues. His mommy stopped by my door with him the other day to drop something off and he just kept saying "bye grandma" every second. I assured him with my own good-byes every second too!

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