Thursday, March 5, 2009

Invention Crafts

These boys were in heaven with an afternoon of invention crafts and snacks at grandmas house. I had arranged it with them the day before. Before they arrived I pulled all of my resources out. These are items that most would throw away that I know are very useful in the minds of my young inventors. 

A variety of boxes, bits of wire, paper rolls, plastic bottles, and anything that I think may inspire an invention filled my kitchen island (their lab) when they arrived. I could see their minds working the minute they walked in the room and they began grabbing their resources.

With lots of tape, glue, string, paper, and grandmas helping hands occasionally the items quickly took form to create an airplane, and a remote controlled rocket. An old ink pen was turned into a joist stick for the remote control and the antenna was finished off with the inner spring of the pen. An applesauce cup into a cockpit. Plastic parmesan cheese bottles were turned into powerful rocket boosters and Pepsi bottles into booming airplane engines. 

The boys have a great time creating and I love seeing their creative minds in action. Most important of course, are the memories created for everyone in the lab!

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