Friday, March 6, 2009

I Love Spring

Although Spring isn't official until March 20th, I have to say that Spring is in full bloom in the deserts of Arizona. I took a walk around my acre yard last evening at dusk to enjoy the incredible rebirth and growth that the Spring weather has brought to our growing landscape. I love seeing the trees budding out, the bright green new growth on the shrubs, the flowering of heat loving plants, and to hear the beautiful songs of the birds that seem to know that it is Spring too!

To add to my marvel .... our acre lot began as an acre of un-irrigated dirt and rocks just three years ago. There were no birds to hear because there was no tree in sight for them to even perch in. Every single plant and tree has been planted, cared for, and nurtured by my husband and I. This was no small task. We have over 150 living plants including 24 shade trees. A couple of weeks ago we worked together to cut back our shrubs and plants in preparation for the new growth that spring and summer brings.

Landscaping our new place from scratch has been a very rewarding. We created our own design, we selected our own plants, and as I said we have been "hands-on-dirt-lovin- do-it-yourself-er's" through the entire process.

Although we are still far from done, the empty canvas of landscaping space we have left keeps our minds actively thinking of our future hopes and dreams for our little corner of the earth that we call home.

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