Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Visit From the Leprechauns

My soon to be eight year old grandson called me this morning to tell me about some Leprechauns that created some mischief throughout the night at his house. They awoke to a tiny note on the kitchen counter that was written so little it had to be read with a magnifying glass. The note said that they had hidden the car keys that were needed for a planned trip to the zoo today. They had  left tiny clues around the house to lead them to the keys. They had played with his mommies favorite angel collection and had knocked one over but didn't break it. One of them had thrown up some green goo on the bookcase.  They had used the toilet and left very green water that needed to be flushed, they had flown down two flights of stairs on a toy helicopter, crashing it into the window blinds where they jumped out of the helicopter and left it still dangling from the blinds. They found the keys near the crash site downstairs.

One of the tiny notes requested that they eat Lucky Charms for breakfast. When they went to the fridge for the milk the silly Leprechauns had turned the milk green too!

The visit from the Leprechauns made for a very fun and exciting St. Patrick's day morning for him, his brothers and his cousin visiting from Idaho. 

Just a little something to file away in your mind .... perhaps the Leprechauns can visit the little ones you love too!


  1. I love this! We made green cupcakes but that pales in compared to this. I will definitely be borrowing this idea next year!

  2. Obviously, your daughter has inherited your talent for creating FUN!

  3. What fun ideas! I may have to borrow some grandchildren this week so we can be visited by the leprechauns.