Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Exciting First for Me

Today when my husband got home from work I said "I think I am going to start getting a house cleaning service." To my surprise he said, "I was going to call you today and suggest that!"

You are probably wondering what condition my house must be in, right??? Not to worry, we are not living in filth but the entire house from base boards to ceiling fans could use a good deep cleaning. 

So, within minutes of getting the green light I was on the phone scheduling a cleaning service that came highly recommended by my two daughters. I have until Thursday morning to get my pre-cleaning done to be ready for the cleaners! That's how you do it right?

The service asked if I wanted it cleaned from top to bottom. Why not? So, that is the plan which I am very excited about. Isn't it fun that we can experience first's in our lives at any age? 

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