Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camp Out Cake Walk of Sorts

The kids really enjoyed a game that I made up for one of the activities at the camp out. Last year we had had a unit on the animals of the Southwest. I first reviewed the pictures of the animals from the previous year. It created quite a conversation between us as they all shared the facts that they had remembered about the animals.

We then placed the pictures on the ground in a circle. I gave each child a paper sack for earned prizes. I asked the children not to step on the pictures but to walk in a circle around the pictures until the music stopped. When the music stopped each child had to name the animal that they were standing by. If they answered correctly they were rewarded with a prize from the prize bowl.

The same idea could be made a bit more difficult for older children by asking more challenging questions about the animals or the objects that you choose to use. We also made it more fun by having the children do different actions as they went around the circle or changing the direction of their march. For a few rounds we made certain animals wild, which doubled the prizes, and some animals that voided any prize at all. Everyone was great sports and they all enjoyed this very simple and fun learning activity.


  1. My first visit to your blog and I have really enjoyed it. I am new at being a grandmother 'Gram'. My grandson was born in February and I am head over heels in love with him. I haven't had time to read all your posts but will be back. I want to create traditions for him like you have for your grandchildren.

  2. Congratulations "Gram". I do have a great time with my grandchildren. I love creating memories for them.

    It used to make me sad thinking about them growing up but I have learned that every stage is a gift and just as much fun as the last.

    Thanks for visiting and please come back. Enjoy that grandson!