Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Night Hike 2009

It is tradition that we go on a night hike at our Grandkid's Camp Out. I always change it up a bit each year. We all bundle up in our jackets and we put on our hiking shoes and socks before heading out. I always remind the children to stay together and what to do if a car is on the road.

This year I gave each child a glow necklace to wear. We headed out with just two flashlights this year that Papa and I had but we did not use unless needed. Papa had activated several glow sticks and placed them along the dark streets in our rural neighborhood. We hiked in the darkness under the stars looking for the glowing sticks along the way.

It created a lot of excitement when they spotted the glow in the distance. They really enjoyed the hunt and the thrill of being on a hike at night! Walking back home was quite the light show with seven energetic campers and fourteen fists of glow sticks!

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