Monday, April 13, 2009

Canteen Beading Craft

I supplied each child with a plastic canteen with their name on it and the materials to add some custom, do-it-yourself beading.

I gave each child a small baggie of beads. I made each bag exactly the same and suggested that they trade beads among each other if they needed additional beads of a certain style or color. We tied vinyl threading to the canteen and the kids strung the beads any way they wanted. Papa and I helped to tie the knots on the end. They were all very pleased with their creations!

The canteens were then filled with water and used throughout the camp out for all drinks of water. A cooler of water was placed on the back patio for unlimited refills.

Tip: I picked up the canteens on clearance late last summer at Wal Mart. They normally sale for $1 each but I found them for just .25 cents each! Once again, anytime I find the number I need of one item for grandchildren crafts or activities my creative and frugal brain begins to think of how I can use them. Once I purchase items ahead of time I make a note of my purchase in my camp out file and store the items away in one of my modern day trunks which is a Rubbermaid tub in my garage labeled Grandkid's Camp Out!

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