Monday, April 13, 2009

Sand Art Craft

The kids LOVED this project. All you need are some stencil pictures on heavy paper, colored sand, craft glue, and paint brushes. All of our pictures were of birds for this project. They painted small sections of the pictures with glue then sprinkled on the color of sand that they wanted for that section. They loved the magic of the colored sand sticking to their pictures.

Once the sand was sprinkled on the entire area of wet glue the children used their papers to funnel the extra sand back into the sand container. I had only planned on the children doing one picture each but they all did three or four because they enjoyed this project so much!

I didn't get pictures of the finished project but they turned out great!

TIP: I had eight different sand colors. I found the sand in the dollar section of Target stores and once again I purchased it at the end of the summer season for half off! It did not take much sand at all to do this project. I still have quite a supply of colored sand so if you have any craft ideas that use sand.....please share!

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