Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hungry Campers!

The camp out menu called for pancakes, ham, and milk. It sounds simple, doesn't it? I first asked how many of them wanted ham. Only one wanted ham. So, I browned up a small batch of ham in a skillet for the one child and Papa and I. I then mixed up the pancake batter. When the kids entered the kitchen they all seemed to be starving and definitely had minds and tastes of their own. There were orders for Mickey Mouse pancakes, some with chocolate chips some without, some with extra big ears, some with small ears, regular round pancakes, round pancakes with chocolate chips in the batter, round pancakes with chocolate chips added after they were cooked, pancakes with butter, pancakes without butter. It was a pancake frenzy.

As the pancakes came off the griddle the yellow trays had to be taken out of the dishwasher and hand washed so that they could use them again at their request. The Camp Out is all about the grandkids so we were as happy as we can be to add that simple element of fun and tradition to our breakfast.

Everyone wanted warmed maple syrup on the side in a dipping cup because that is just how you do it at "grandma's house". Once they saw and tasted the ham they all wanted it adn then wanted seconds so two more batches were browned in the skillet before everyone had had their fill.

It was fun, and exactly what the camp out is supposed to be. They were all hungry campers and they all ate a good and hearty breakfast.

As a follow up....My son said that when he asked his five year old son about what he had had for breakfast at the camp out he said pancakes and meat! My son asked what kind of meat? He described it as really good "orange squares of meat!"

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