Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camp Out Search and Rescue Activity

I added a new activity to this year's camp out. It was such a hit with the kids that it just might become a new tradition. Every year I try to do a teaching unit. This year the topic was on emergency preparedness while camping. I talked to the children about how to be safe when you are in the outdoors. We then put together a survival necklace to wear around our necks. The necklace was a five in one survival necklace. It included a compass, flint, a mirror, whistle, and a waterproof space for matches. I did not want to give the children matches so we filled the small canister with several little things and we talked about what we could use them for. It created quite a discussion and they had some great ideas which I will share later.

To follow up on this activity we formed a search and rescue team. Six of the children and myself were the search and rescue team. We took turns having one of the campers leave the tent with Papa. They went to hide and we stayed quiet in the tent waiting and listening for the sound of their whistle. The whistle alerted us to a lost camper (the hiding child). We then discussed what the missing camper looked like and what they were wearing. We then headed out as a search and rescue team to find the lost camper. We had to work together to stay quiet, to listen for the whistle, and to search together as a united team. Each child took a turn being the lost camper with their Papa.

The kids absolutely loved this activity and they loved their new survival kits too. Later in the day three of my granddaughters were out shopping with their family. They were all still wearing their survival necklaces. One of the girls blew their whistle when the youngest one piped up and scolded her saying "Hey, are you lost?" I couldn't be more proud of my little camper!


  1. I really enjoy your blog and all of the activities that you do with your grandchildren! As a Kindergarten teacher, it is so neat to see your activities that have an underlying lesson to them.

    I hope I am as cool a grandma when I have grandkids!

  2. Thanks bunkobeth!

    The kids have fun, I have fun and the memories created by my grandchildren and I are priceless and will last forever!

    I'm quite sure you are going to be an amazing grandma.