Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating Traditions

It is a Christmas tradition to go together as a family to purchase our fresh Christmas Tree. While our family numbers have been cut in half as our children have grown over the years this Christmas tradition has stayed just the same.

We all bundle up and we search the Christmas tree lots for the freshest and most perfect tree. Once the tree is purchased we then head to the bakery for some fresh donuts. When we get the tree home it is always the same routine. My husband gets the tree in the stand, I put down the water proof liner to cover the carpet right where I want the tree to sit and I get out our boxes of ornaments. The light strands are tested with the help from the kids and my husband perfectly lights the tree in massive amounts of mini white lights.

While the lights are going up I am in the kitchen making a pot of hot chocolate. The real kind using milk and Nestle Quik. We all work together to decorate the tree. Our ornament collection has been being built since 1975! Our ornaments bring us so much joy as our thoughts turn to years past and the history of our very special ornament collection. Please don't get me wrong our collection is not special due to it's financial value. Most special to me are the ornaments made by my children who are now 20-33 years old. I find the construction paper star, colored in purple crayon, with a white yarn hanger that is probably 25 years old to be a priceless piece in our collection!

The final touch to the tree is my husband placing the star on the top. When the tree is all done being decorated we then help ourselves to hot chocolate. We serve it up in our Christmas mugs. We all select our favorite donut and we all sit together enjoying our yummy treat and our beautiful Christmas tree!

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