Friday, December 18, 2009

Unplanned Christmas Day Camp Activity

This was a really big first for the Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp. Our camps are usually at my home in the deserts of Arizona. This year we had our camp at our mountain home in the Pines of Flagstaff, Arizona.

I always have a tight schedule of activities planned to keep the kids busy and interested. This unplanned and perfect for the occasion activity came about when we got a surprise snow storm during our day camp. These are desert kids and snow is something that they rarely get to experience. You better believe that the schedule was put on hold to watch it snow through the windows from the warm indoors. Their excitement very quickly turned into a hands on outdoor activity.

We ended up getting enough snow to make snowballs and to enjoy some sledding the next day. This unplanned activity was a big surprise for all of us and it helped to create a Grandkid's Camp that will be long remembered!

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