Saturday, February 27, 2010

34+ Years..... and Still Learning

My husband who is recently retired is very used to me doing such projects. He is however more used to coming home from work and seeing the completed projects. This time he was very aware of the amount of time, energy, and resources I use to get such a task done. I love doing this sort of thing so I am very willing to invest my time, my resources, my energy, and OUR dining room table for days into creating what I have already imagined in my head.

It all started with me volunteering to do a promotional poster at a recent planning meeting for an upcoming church activity. The theme "Spring is in the Air". I always seem to volunteer or be volunteered for this sort of thing. (Which is a good thing!)

We drove into the Valley which is about forty miles away. Between what my husband had on his mind to do I and I wanting to weasel in stops to look for exactly what I want for the posters I knew there was going to have to be some negotiating. I thought for sure I would find what I wanted in Hobby Lobby while my not so happy to be there husband waited in the car. I came out with a purchase of course (Valentine's clearance items for the grandkids) but empty handed of any supplies for the posters. A few more miles away I roped him into a stop at a Michael's store.... now an even less happy hubby waited in the car. Again, I came out without the needed supplies. He is wondering how I could come out of such big stores without poster supplies. That's because only I had a very clear picture of what I wanted/had to have in my brain! I knew there was one more store that I wanted to stop at. How was I going to get him to stop again when he just wanted to get back home? After all, we were still at least forty miles from home.

"We need bread" I said! We better stop at Costco to get bread. (Knowing there was a JoAnn's Crafts Superstore right by Costco). I suggested that he run into Costco and get the bread and a few other items I requested while I run into JoAnn's. He loves being efficient and this was a very efficient idea. I also said; (strictly in his behalf of course.) "Take your time is Costco, I know how much you like to check out what's new.

The plan worked perfectly. He was happy and I was super happy. JoAnn's had exactly what I needed and at 40 and 50% off! Can you believe it .... a poster board of clouds. PERFECT!!!! I came out with bags in hand (with items I actually needed this time) and now I too was anxious to get home to start my project.

Anyways, after several hand cut scrapbook paper letters, multiple fonts and ink colors tested, two glue sticks, trial layouts, lot's and lot's of tweaking, and three days later the project is complete. No wait, I still have to make one more just like it!

My hubby has always wondered how I have kept myself busy all of these years. So, after 34+ years he's getting a glimpse into what kinds of very simple things have given me such a full and enriched stay at home life!


  1. Very awesome poster! Nice sneakiness in getting to Joann's too!

  2. This bulletin board is gorgeous! You have a great eye. I'm enjoying looking at your other projects on this site.