Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sun Kissed Memory

Every late Fall and early winter I think of the Navel oranges that I used to eat growing up. We had our own citrus trees, an entire orchard of them. I grew up smelling the orange blossoms in the spring and anxiously awaiting the oranges to ripen on the trees. Every year as an adult I long for the sweet, juicy navel oranges that are a vivid memory in my mind. I have made several attempts over the years to find fresh picked oranges that were as good as I remember them being.

Yesterday one of my daughters gave us a bag of oranges that they had picked. When I peeked in the bag they looked like they should be really good. The peels were nice and orange in color, and they felt nice and thick to the touch. The oranges were firm and boy did they smell sweet!

I made my selection from the bag and I peeled it using the same technique I grew up with. The peels came off very easy, just as they should from a navel orange. I had finally found a match to the juiciness, texture, sweetness, and pure orange flavor of my childhood memory. What a treat to eat and it was so much fun to enjoy a sun kissed memory!

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