Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prepping for a Massive Heart Attack this Valentine's Day!!!

Papa and I are prepping for a massive Heart Attack this Valentine's Day. A while back we returned from a trip to our entire bedroom and bathroom being "heart attacked" by all of our grandchildren. Hearts of all sizes and colors had been cut out, loving messages had been hand written, and each heart was lovingly placed by the hands of our grandchildren. It was hard to find a surface without a heart!

Well, this Valentine's Day is going to be pay back time in a very good way. We loved the surprise and we know our grandchildren will too. We have gotten permission from all of the parents to "heart attack" our grandchildren. We have been gathering our supplies, writing our messages of love, and cutting out hundreds of hearts. I have made cookie sheets full of rolled low stick painters tape to attach our hearts to the surfaces so not to cause any damage.

Instead of doing all of the bedrooms we are going to do their shared bathrooms. So, we will only be doing three much smaller rooms instead of their seven big bedrooms! I am also very excited about the big mirrors in the bathrooms ..... they will easily give us twice the love. We have gathered some fun supplies and Papa and I are very anxious to make our attack!

See more photos and ideas here of the actual heart attacks:





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  1. Awesome! I spy my FAVORITE cherry tootsie pops - I love those! :) Make sure to take some after pics!