Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Birthday Stretch

The girls in our family try to do something that we call the birthday STR......ETCH. This means that we try to keep the celebration going in one way or another for as long as possible. My granddaughter who recently turned ten is already mastering the technique. Today, sixteen days after her birthday the celebration continued with Papa and I.

Papa and I had bought her tickets to a play and a promised lunch out with us for her birthday gift. She had been counting the days and she was very excited about our planned outing.

We had a forty-five minute ride to the theatre. I had prepared some coloring pages from the Princess and the Pea for a travel time activity. She and I colored together in the back seat of the car to help pass the time while papa acted as our chauffeur .

We enjoyed the production very much. It was very well performed and the story couldn't have been more cute.

The crowd was mostly little girls. Some were there sharing it with their moms but we didn't see many dads. It appeared that there were many, many  grandma's and grandpa's just like us attending with their grandchildren. GO Grandpas!

After the play we went and had lunch together as promised.

This gift and the one on one time we had today was loved by our granddaughter. Papa and I loved it too!

So, tickets to an event as a birthday gift to be shared with grandma and grandpa is a very good thing!

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  1. We do the birthday stretch, too! Lots of times the kids celebrate with their friends, and then the next time the whole family is over, we celebrate again. We're not always prompt with gift-giving, so sometimes the birthday child is still getting gifts a month later. They don't seem to mind a bit! Now when you are my age, you are more likely to want to do the birthday shrink, or the birthday skip. . .