Friday, March 26, 2010

Big and Fun Coloring Project

"Grandma, I want to do a craft at your house." These were some of the first words I heard on my recent play date with my six year old grandson. I hadn't prepared any crafts so I had to put on my creative thinking cap. I had a little time to think about it while we were in route to my house. I have ample supplies but what could I suggest?

My first suggestion to craft something for Easter was declined and I was asked; "What would I do with that?" Duh Grandma (my words not his)

My second thought was trains. His bedroom is decorated in everything train. I asked if he would like to make a big train station banner for his bedroom. He asked how big can it be and I said as big as the table. He was pretty impressed with that and he instantly jumped on board with the idea.

He engineered the design and he stayed on track with very little help from grandma until the project was complete.

The BIG paper and the TRAIN theme is what made this coloring project the perfect craft project of his CHOO...CHOO...sing!

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