Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Grand Birthday Outing

I have ten birthdays to celebrate each year for my ever growing grandchildren. I have always tried to fit their gift perfectly to their current interests or to get them something that they can continue to use as they grow. This year I have decided to do outings with Papa and I instead of a material gift.

My oldest grandchild recently turned ten. We celebrated her birthday by the three of us attending the children's theatre production of Princess and the Pea together. I had pre-approved the outing and the scheduled date with her parents. The play was a couple of weeks after her birthday. The anticipation of the upcoming outing with us just added to her excitement. Each of their outings also include a meal out at a restaurant of their choice.

My oldest grandson just celebrated his ninth birthday. The movie Night at the Museum has sparked an interest in him to visit a museum. His outing is going to be a trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History with Papa and I. I gave this very internet savvy grandson the website address for the museum so that he could check out what he could look forward to seeing in the museum.

His little brother saw the website and said; "I want to go there!" It looks like we just might be visiting the museum again in July!


  1. This is an awesome idea! I just may steal it. The kid gets to go somewhere special, and the grandparents get to spend time with their grandchild. Sounds like a win-win to me!

  2. Actually I did steal this idea and blogged about it today!

  3. You are going to be a busy grandma but it all sounds so much fun and the memories will last forever.