Sunday, April 11, 2010

Science Lab Party

This was a very exciting event for a household of three little boys. My oldest grandson celebrated turning nine with his friends and brothers with a Science Lab birthday party.

My daughter and her husbands beautiful home was turned into a science lab for the occasion.  All of the high arches and doors into the lab had been covered with sheets of clear plastic.

The party guests arrived to a party bag that included an  ID badge, a pair of safety goggles, lab tools, and other fun goodies fit for a scientist.

With their lanyards around their necks and their safety googles in place the young scientists received clearance to enter the lab.

Each of the scientists passed through the plastic sheeting to enter the lab. There were several experiments waiting to be performed.

The boys had a great time playing scientist for the day. 

The boys were kept busy and very interested in everything that fizzed, grew, mutated, exploded, gooed, and in every other amazing lab result that they came up with. 

Everything was perfect from the invitations to the birthday treat. The birthday treat was an ice cream sundae lab. The toppings were in beakers. This very sweet lab experiment had extra delicious results!


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