Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pajama Party with a Twist

This Pajama Party celebrated my granddaughters 10th birthday with her friends. Pajamas were the attire and my daughter gave this pajama party a very creative twist.

The girls had a great time playing games such as Sleeping Beauty. To play this game one girl lays on the floor and pretends to be asleep. The other girls say things to try to make Sleeping Beauty laugh.

They doodled on the coffee table that had been covered in butcher paper with sparkly markers, played lots of games, danced, and they each made their very own fleece blanket.

Dinner was Pizza Pillows (pizza rolls) and a Bed of Lettuce (Caesar Salad). They also had veggies and fresh fruit and fun fizzy cocktails with hot pink ice cubes!  

Each of the girls received a gift basket filled with a pair of pink fluffy slippers, a flashlight, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, hair accessories, and a lot of other girly goodies.

The girls loved the birthday cake that my daughter made herself. It was created by making a double layer 9x13 cake and icing it to look like a bed. White sheets, pink comforter, and a hot pink dust ruffle. The pillows are made from Little Debbie Cakes. The little girls were created using vanilla wafers and colored icing to create their faces and hair. She borrowed Barbie's cat to place on the end of the bed. So cute.... All of the little party guests LOVED the birthday cake!

As things started to wind down for the night they watched a movie and had popcorn. The very smart twist to this pajama party is that it ended at 11 p.m. As parents arrived to pick up their girls each girl was given a parting gift bag filled with a juice box, donut holes, mini bagles, and a small box of cold cereal. The bag was tied with a "Z" shaped sugar cookie with a tag that "wished them to catch their ZZZZ's at home".

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  1. This is an awesome idea for a party! I love the cake. And how smart to throw a pajama party that ends at 11. Much better than everyone having to put up with overtired, cranky children from a full-fledged sleepover.