Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Party

A while back I shared a poster I made for a "Spring is in the Air" church activity. Well, today was the day. We had a perfect Spring day just as we had hoped. We had great attendance, families enjoyed an outdoor picnic on their picnic blankets, the children enjoyed the organized games of duck, duck goose, kick ball, the hungry wolf, and a potato on a spoon relay. The teenagers had a blast playing water balloon volley ball while the parents enjoyed visiting with one another. While the children were busy playing we were busy setting out the cupcake table as a surprise for them. Everyone enjoyed the yummy Springtime cupcakes.

I love being a part  of many working together to reach a common goal. Today was one of those days!


  1. What a lovely cupcake table! I'm so happy to hear of children playing the classic games that we played when we were kids. Wii and Nintendo are okay, but outdoors is better!

  2. Hey grandma i love your blog its so awsome!