Thursday, May 27, 2010

Even Rocks Stars Have to Sleep!

Following our Rock n Roll dance party at our camp out it was time to calm things down and get our little rock stars to bed. We had a full schedule planned for the next day and we needed to have well rested campers. Everyone got on their pajamas and they brushed their teeth.

I and my two oldest grandchildren hauled all of the bedding and pillows outdoors to the tent while Papa and the younger children sat around the campfire and told stories. My pretend fire ring has been part of the camp out for years and the children never tire of it.

Once all of the bedding was in place we once again discussed tent rules and our eight little rock star campers very anxiously climbed into their beds! There was a lot of excited chatter and it took a little time to get everyone quieted down.

We were packed into the tent. Ten of us in all! I stayed awake until everyone was asleep. Some conked right out right away and others were still a little too excited to sleep. After everyone was asleep I adjusted their bedding throughout the night to make sure they all stayed nice and warm.

Morning came quickly and early. 
The campers were ready to get on with the fun 
filled day we had planned!

Everyone woke up hungry and they were ready for the 
chocolate chip pancake breakfast a full hour ahead of schedule!


  1. I love the idea of telling stories around the "fire." Isn't it funny how the simplest things become cherished traditions?

  2. The pretend campfire is great and the table cloth with the names. What a special, fun Grandma Camp.

  3. I'm planning an Oma Camp and re-reading all your awesome ideas for fun. Thanks so much for writing them up, so I have such a fabulous resource!