Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Wock Pawty at Gwandma's House"

This years grandkids camp out is one for the record books. 
We grew to eight campers this year and we 
extended our camp time with five more fun filled hours.

This years theme was Grandkids Rock. 
My daughter had taken my three year old grandson to get his hair 
cut the day before the camp out. He asked the gal at the salon 
to please cut his hair to like a "wock staw" because he was 
going to a "wock pawty" at gwandma's house!

The kids loved the theme and they partied hard.
We had a full schedule of many kid tested and 
grandma approved crafts, games, and activities
that I will share in the coming days.

We had so much fun!


  1. You are a wonderful Grandma! Who had more fun, you or the campers? And did they sing "Good Morning Campers"? Can't wait to read more!

    Grandma Kc

  2. I just returned from a two day business trip with my husband. I kept catching myself with a huge smile on my face while thinking about the camp out. I'm pretty sure the kids had as much fun as I did!

  3. Your "wock pawty" must have been a real blast!