Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guitar Craft Project

 As all of my little Rock Stars arrived for the Grandkids Camp Out they began work on their custom guitars as our gathering craft this year.

These card stock templates are what inspired my camp theme this year. I had found them months ago on clearance in Michaels. They came in a six pack and I was able to purchase two packages for under $5 bucks!

I created this one as a sample of the finished project.

My oldest granddaughter designed this one as an example too. She happened to drop by one day while I was working on mine and caught me in my top secret preparations. She promised to keep the guitar project as a surprise for the others.

You could certainly create your own card stock templates from poster board. You could tweak the same idea and create a cowboy guitar, a Spanish guitar, or make a smaller version to play Hawaiian music. 

The guitars were blank cut outs. Because of the age of my little rockers I lightly penciled in the basic lines ahead of time. I had also written all of their names on the backs of their guitars. Anything you can do ahead of camp time is very helpful.

The kids loved the project. Their creativity abounded! It was very nice to hear them complimenting one another on their color and design choices.

I supplied the sample guitars, markers, a few stencils, and rulers as their art supplies. The table was covered with a vinyl tablecloth so there was no need to worry about the markers damaging the table top.

The guitars were a pretty big coloring project but they all stayed very focused until their masterpieces were complete.

Once the artwork was complete Papa and I attached a stick to the back using heavy clear packing tape so that the guitars would be protected from tearing and to help hold their shape making them easier to play with.

We purchased inexpensive yard sticks for the backing. My husband split them down the middle on his table saw then cut them to the length needed which was 25" for this project.

I am so glad that I came across these guitars. The camp theme "Grandkids Rock" that came together from the inspiration of this great find couldn't have been more fun.

The kids loved and continue to love the custom rocker guitar that they created all by themselves!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!! How fun.

  2. What a great find - the guitars. I love it when I find a good deal even if I have to wait awhile to use it.

  3. Your oldest granddaughter is really talented. I thought your guitar was good until I saw hers! Just kidding! Yours is great, too.