Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rock Star Wrist Bands Craft

Store bought slap wristbands were turned into custom rock star wristbands for entry into the rock-n-roll dance party that we had later in the evening.

To make the wristbands each child cut a strip of black glittered felt the width and length of the slapband. I furnished a full tray of small trinkets (old pieces of jewelry, buttons, jewels, chain, dice, beads, buckles, etc.)  for the kids to dig through for their wristband designs.

All of the kids were very pleased with their finds. The oldest boy chose a piece of leather to cover his wristband without adding any bling!

Once the kids chose all of their pieces I hot glued  the felt into place then glued the trinkets into place just like they designed them.

The Rock Star Wristbands turned out pretty cute don't you think?


  1. You're amazing! You're creating incredible connections with your grandchildren that will be with them their whole lives.I love the Rock Star theme. I'll certainly be visiting your blog for ideas for my very first Nana & Papa camp this August.

  2. Rock 'n Roll party sounds fun. Kids love to dance and love to make things so it had to be a winner.

  3. Very cute idea; I did a blog search on Rock star party ideas- I told my daughters when School was out we could have a rock star party, I like this idea. Thanks