Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aloha, Birthday Guests


My now seven year old grandson has been talking about wanting to have a family Luau to celebrate his seventh birthday for months. I had told him from the very beginning that I had many items to help him decorate for his special occasion. The grandkids all know about the treasures that I keep in my Rubbermaid Trunks (tubs) in my garage. There just happens to be two of the trunks that are labeled "Luau".

I arrived about an hour early with my two "Luau" tubs and the handmade pinata that I had helped to put the finishing touches on. The four year old brother saw my car rolling up and started screaming "grandma is here, grandma is here, and she's got lots of fun stuff!" He came running out to help me carry things in.

All of the boys were anxious to see what treasures I had packed away in my Luau trunks.  The trunks are usually kept high on a shelf. The boys helped Papa and I decorate the house.

The little guests were greeted by the birthday boy at the front door with an "Aloha" and he presented them each with a lei.  We used the pineapple pinata for a decoration in the entryway until we needed it for the game.

The Parrot sitting in the chandelier was a gift from a 
dear ninety year old friend from El Salvador.
The Parrot shares his time between my Luau and my Fiesta trunks!

Hula skirts were hung on the window 
that opened to the serving area.
Papa hung Tiki lights in the kids eating area.

She's the only one that actually did the hula.

This is the birthday boy 
and his seven year old cousin.
"Just chillin Hawaiian style"

Almost time to eat.

A CD player was playing Hawaiian music. 
The music really set the mood.

Vinyl Hawaiian tablecloths were scrunched up to 
cover the granite counters in the serving area.

On the menu were kid sized Hawaiian hamburgers. 
The umbrella skewer made them Hawaiian. 
With sides of chips, fresh fruit, and baked beans.

After dinner all of the kids changed into their swim suits and they 
played together on the outdoor water slide.

After the water play, which many did not want to 
come to an end, they kids came indoors to watch the 
birthday boy open the birthday gifts.

It was then time for the candy filled pinata.
The birthday boy's daddy had a tradition in his family that
they always made their own pinata's.

So starting this year they have decided
to start that tradition in their own family.

A pineapple was a great beginning pinata
and a perfect pinata for a Luau.
Daddy used a balloon to create the shape.

There are many sites on line where you
can learn to make a pinata.
They are a very inexpensive project.

Crumpled up crepe paper covered the 
outside to give it it's color and texture.

Green construction paper was used to make the leaves.
The leaves were hot glued into place.

Every guest got to have a lot of 
good swings. The handmade pinata withstood 
many more hard hits than
any store bought pinata ever has.

After everyone got their turns from youngest to oldest
the birthday boy got to finish it off.
Daddy really got a work out as did the birthday boy!

This is always a familiar site
once the candy comes flying out.

Nine little cousins scrambling to get their share.

This little guy was very happy with his share of the loot!

The birthday treat was ice cream bars.
We sang Happy Birthday over lit candles in
an ice cream sandwich!

Once the party was over. I happened upon this little spill.

This is what can very quickly happen to an
ice cream sandwich in Arizona!

It was a great Luau
and the birthday boy was a great host!

Tips: Summer is a great time to pick up Hawaiian decorations in the dollar stores. The end of summer clearance tables in department stores, craft stores, and party stores are all good places to find deeply cut prices. Why not pay pennies on the dollar for your invitations, paper goods, decorations, serving pieces, lighting, music, and more by shopping out of season.

Check the clearance racks in the outdoor, garden, party supplies, pool supplies, paper goods, and in stationary for the best fines. Check out the clothing clearance racks too at the end of summer if you would like to add a tropical shirt, skirt, or muumuu to your party wear!

What has been your best clearance finds?

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