Monday, July 26, 2010

No Pool? No Problem.

Somehow I had forgotten that I had tossed last years kiddie pool when I told my four year old grandson to bring his swimsuit over for a swim.

When he and I went to look for the pool it was no where to be found. I offered a couple of Rubbermaid tubs for water play and he was just as happy.

I did one for him and one for his toys!

It was a hot afternoon and I sat close by as a lifeguard and welcomed all of the splashes I could get to help keep me cool.

When I asked him if I could get in too he said; "Sure, go get on your suit!"

No pool? No problem. It seems kids love any body of water.

What do you do to stay cool in the heat of the summer?


  1. Smart alternative for your grandson! Great photos!

    What do I do to stay cool in the heat of summer? Well, this year I've NOT stayed cool. Our old house doesn't allow for A/C since there are no vents (a boiler system, so it would cost LOTS to do an alternate A/C system). So I've not been cool at all. And I don't have a little grandson nearby to run through the splash pad with me, otherwise that's where I'd be.

  2. We know what it is like to not to stay cool. We lived many years with just a swamp cooler and when the humidity hit we were in trouble. My kids still laugh about the summer we put a ac window unit in the master bedroom and we all camped out in there for most of the summer with a towel kept stuffed under the bedroom door so not to let any of that cool are escape.

    My oldest son who is 34, his ac went out a few weeks ago and he went and purchased a window unit for his master bedroom to use until the repairman could get there. He said he wanted to invite his sisters and us over for a sleep over for old times sake!

    You could try a window unit but then be warned you won't want to leave the room.

  3. Dear Grandma Shelley,

    My granddaughter Amara loves anything to do with water and getting wet! We found that a wagon can make an excellent swimming pool/ocean! And we are both fans of Super Soakers! They're a great way to cool each other off. ~Grandma Kc