Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Balloon Powered Nanorover

My nine year old grandson and I worked together to create this balloon powered Nanorover.

My grandson who is really into building things went onto one of the internet Nasa sites to find something to do on a recent visit. While on the site he saw this project and he asked if he could make it. I was very skeptical and thinking that the project may be a bit out of my skill level. I read the instructions and there were rotors, struts, and axles that all needed to be cut out and put together. Secretly, I was almost hoping that I didn't have all of the supplies I needed so that I could save the project until Papa got home.

Well, I had everything that the project required right down to the gumdrops that were needed to hold the struts, rotors, wheels, and axles into place on the wooden skewers that were threaded through a drinking straw. 

It ended up being a great project. I was a bit out of my comfort zone but I was very proud of myself when my grandson and I pulled it off together. The balloon powered Nanorover even worked!

Check out the link below for instructions to this and many other Nasa projects.

Have you ever caught yourself secretly not wanting to do something with your grandchildren?

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